TALK is committed to maintaining the highest level of continuing education in order to provide the most research based, up-to-date treatment for clients. Heather was granted an Award For Continuing Education (ACE) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in January, 2016. The ACE Award is given to a select group of individuals who pursue professional learning beyond an academic degree. Some of Heather's recent continuing education courses include:

Understanding Hearing Loss for SLPs: Pt 2, Reviewing Audiograms

Private Practice Serving Ages 3-6

Planning Effective Treatment for Students with Challenging Behavior, Pt 2

Understanding Hearing Loss for Speech Language Pathologists

Executive Function Treatment in Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Part 1

Infection Control: Standard Practice

HIPAA: Defining Privacy Issues in Speech-Language Pathology

Children with Selective Mutism: Turning Struggles into Successes

Differential Diagnosis of CAS & Use of Dynamic Assessment for Treatment Planning

Planning Effective Treatment for Students with Challenging Behavior, Pt 1

Social Skills Training in a Technological Age

Assessing Young Children with Suspected CAS

The Bridge of Vocabulary

Literacy Instruction for Learners with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Know Thy-CELF-5

Building Literacy Using Grade-Level Literature: Adapting Books

The Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Method

Improving Executive Functions

Carryover Magic for /r/

Motor-Skill Learning Approach to the Treatment of SSD

A-Z: Outcomes Research for Severe Phonological Disorders

Speech & Literacy: Connection & Relevance to Clinical Practice

Stuttering 101: What Every SLP Should Know

A-Z: Essential Treatment Components for Severe Phonological Disorders

Certification: Interactive Metronome for Pediatrics & Adults