If you are ready to come visit us our process is quite straight forward:

  1. We will need some initial information.  You can either provide information via this new client intake form ahead of time or when we first meet.
  2. Call to schedule an appointment or we will call you after we receive your new client intake form. You can find our number at the top of our site.
  3. We will schedule a convenient time for a phone consultation, or we will meet in person to get to know each other and work together to determine how TALK can help. 
  4. We may do an evaluation if one has not been completed recently.
  5. If we both decide that TALK is right for you then we will schedule regular sessions each week. We acknowledge that we are not the most appropriate therapy solution for every family, but we will always help you find the resources you need.
  6. Some parents like to support therapy at home.  If that is you, then we will work with you to develop an in-home curriculum.  No worries if that is not your cup of tea, or is beyond your available time limits!
  7. We will work with you to develop realistic goals.  Once you child meets those goals and there is no more work for us to do, we will happily discharge your child from therapy with a party. Please know that TALK is always available as a resource for our families, even if it has been a long while since we last spoke. 

Note: TALK does not bill directly to any insurance companies. However, we will provide documentation of Speech-Language Therapy services for you to submit to your insurance company or FSA for reimbursement. We are happy to discuss pricing with you in person or on the phone.