TALK is the culmination of decades of experience working with incredible children and their parents to help both achieve the very most they are capable of. We are dedicated to helping parents and their children and you can even follow us on  LinkedIn by clicking here!

Here is our story:

Our Story

Heather Hamilton, the owner of TALK graduated with honors and a Master's degree from the prestigious Communication Sciences & Disorders program at Syracuse University in 1995.  She worked as a speech therapist for a number of different public school systems across the country. This experience gave her deep insight in to the inner workings of different school systems, how they operate, what they need, and their limitations. It also gave her tremendous experience with a vast number of disorders and the needs of families who are involved in the process of speech therapy. 

Heather was soon picked up by an elite private Speech-Language Pathology practice where she began to truly forge her therapeutic philosophy - keeping children engaged by having fun.  Instead of boring children with the same drills and routines every session, she instead researched how she could use games to achieve the same speech and language goals while having fun with her clients.  Her method became so effective that she was recruited by a larger and a prestigious practice where she became one of their top performers.

In 2008 Heather started an in-home therapy service designed to cater to discerning parents with high expectations.  After many years of refining her therapeutic approach to keep children engaged and progressing she decided to open her first office in Atlanta.

We look forward to working with the families of Atlanta to help us write the rest of our story.